Gamblers Playing Cards

By June 1, 2019 June 10th, 2019 News

The Gamblers Borderless have arrived and we will be starting to ship in approximately a week from this post. We would like to apologize for the waiting as this is a collaboration with Murphys Magic.

The bordered versions (Black & Red) is just a game of waiting for Murphy’s Magic. Unfortunately, they are releasing one deck at a time and thought they are aware that people have pre-order + the delay and all, we can’t do anything until they are ready. So we apologize once again.

Every order is still saved, and everyone will receive their order as we receive the decks. ( we might ask for the invoice )

WE EXTREMELY APOLOGIZE for this mixed up as they are multiple hands in the jar.

**To ensure this won’t happen again, we will be dealing directly with the printing company so these delays and unfortunate events won’t happen again.